Demand a Welfare that works for everyone

Demand a Welfare that works for everyone

Auckland Action Against Poverty want to mobilise beneficiaries and supporters to attend the Welfare Expert Advisory Group public consultations to demand a welfare system that works for everyone. The Welfare Expert Advisory Group was established by the Government in June 2018 to come with recommendations on changes to the Social Security Act, which largely dictates how the welfare system works. 

Not Enough Left

The meetings should not be an exercise in ticking boxes, but should instead include the demands of the people most affected by the welfare system: people on the benefit. 

We worked collectively with people on the benefit, advocates, and supporters, to come with five demands that will help transform the welfare system to one that enables people to live dignified lives. 

If you support a welfare system that is about supporting people, rather than punishing them, put your name down and we'll keep you updated on future consultation meetings and activities we run in relation to these demands! 

Together, we can build a political system based on fairness. 

Dates of public consultation meetings 



In order to build a welfare system that enables people to live dignified lives, the Government needs to:

  • Remove all sanctions from the Social Security Act.
  • Substantially increase benefit levels to a liveable income.
  • Treat adults in the benefit system as individuals without penalising them for being in a partnership.
  • House people in permanent, safe, healthy public housing.
  • Ensure that applicants receive all the assistance to which they are entitled.
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