Those in power create welfare and housing policy that impact beneficiaries, unemployed and low-waged workers. While the Green Party’s welfare policy is a step in the right direction, and has shed light on the material realities of those navigating the welfare system , we need to keep the pressure on.

We think your story and ideas are powerful. We want to collect your ideas on what you think welfare, housing and work should look like. This is a chance for you to share your vision for a better social system, built on fundamentally different principles to our current one.

We know the toxic culture of Work & Income is intimidating and built on principles of punishment. We also know the discriminatory attitude people have towards those on benefits that is used to justify this. We want to collect stories about your experiences of being on a benefit and dealing with Work & Income. These can be completely anonymous.

Your ideas and stories will be used alongside our demands and action leading up to the election to challenge those in power on welfare, housing and work. We must stand up, speak out and fight back against the system which enables the wealthy to profit at the expense of the poor.